A little bit of everything…

Oh my goodness! These days are going by super fast…May is going to be gone with another gust of wind it seems! 😉 I’m still missing South Carolina…I miss the beauty of the flowers, the trees, the landscape with the hills and mountains…and most of all, I miss the quietness. Sure, the wind breezes and blows a little, but it’s not nearly as loud and gusty as it’s been around here recently. But I am enjoying the warmer weather…despite even the wind! I think I laid out in the sun a wee bit too long this afternoon…because I noticed that my shoulder’s were red instead of brown this evening. Ouch! Oh well, I just hope it turns into a nice tan in the next few days…and doesn’t peel! In addition, I’ve been trying to keep up on running. This evening, I ran 6 miles in exactly 53 minutes! Yeah!! Picking up my pace is proving grueling but I am making slow progress…and I’m always up for a good hard challenge!

It has been super nice having Krissa home…we’ve enjoyed many evenings of just chatting, working on our laptops together, and watching movies. And…no movie is complete without popcorn and Mt. Dew! Last night, we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks…it was super cute, even though I was a bit distracted. You see, I was multi-tasking (which I seem to do a lot of anymore…). I was also surfing the internet trying to come up with some fun creative chick-flick party ideas for the afternoon before my friend’s wedding. Krissa is usually the party planner in our family, so I consulted with her and I think we came up with a pretty cool mall scavenger hunt. And we’ll be really close to Wichita so we’ll be able to invade Town East Square! I’m lookin’ forward to it!

Serena’s been sewing up a storm…as usual. She keeps really busy with her online sewing business and classes and doing some custom sewing locally as well. I don’t see how she does it all! And then, she manages to take care of Dad when Krissa and I…well, forget. {blush, blush} I love you Serena! Dad has been outside doing some fence mending…that seems to be a never ending chore. Tomorrow, he’s hoping that the wind stays calm enough so he can go out and spray the fields. We’ll see…

I worked Friday and then this past weekend. Friday and Saturday kept us hopping as we had surgeries but by Sunday, everything had calmed down quite a bit. It was actually really good to get back to work after being off for about a week. I miss my co-workers when I don’t see them! I go back to work Thursday and Friday this week.

The rest of this week is going to be pretty busy for our whole family…actually this whole Summer will be! So I’m going to apologize in advance for not blogging as much as I want to! But I’ll try my best to keep you in on all of the excitement, road trips, parties, camps, and fun…! =)



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