I have some thrilling news! My sister, Krissa found out just the other day that she was choosen for the 6-month editorial internship at Southern Living Magazine Corporation. YIPEEEEEEEEEE! It was a volcanic mountain of excitement, disbelief, screaming, squealing, giddiness, rambling, shock and pure bliss that erupted from that girl the rest of the afternoon and day. I don’t think I can actually come up with enough words to describe her uncontainable and indescribable burst of emotions. I think she was on cloud 9 or the moon…or maybe both! Ever since she started college and discovered how much she enjoyed writing, she has dreamt of writing for Southern Living…and now it’s not just a dream, it’s reality! So that means that my dear sister will be moving to Birmingham, Alabama in July. And if I have all my facts straight, I think she will actually be writing for the Southern Accents Magazine, which is a branch of the Southern Living Corporation. None the less, I will be subscribing to that magazine and you should too! I’m really REALLY happy for her, even though our sister-to-sister relationship will be long-distance once again! 😉 (That just means I get to take more road trips to the east in the future! =D)




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