Smiles and laughs

Welp…we are all back home now. The whole family…for a while anyway (that’s pretty amazing)! Our trip to SC was incredible and so much fun. I really didn’t want to come back to Kansas…the countryside is much more colorful up that way than in the Midwest. On Sunday, we visited the famous Biltmore Castle in NC…that was spectacular…if you ever get the chance to go…GO! You won’t regret it and it is well worth the cost of admission. Most of the day we spent touring the castle and the miles of gardens and estate grounds. It was almost like heaven on earth! The castle itself has too many rooms to count and 43 bathrooms…43 BATHROOMS! Can you imagine?!?! I just hate to think of all the cleaning that would require…uge! I absolutely loved the old Victorian style but to live in such royalty everyday…hummm. No more sweat pants or t-shirts or bad hair days or make-up-less days. Nope! Everyday would be dress up. That would be…well, awkward…but fun!

Our drive home was…loooong! We left about 8:00 am Monday morning and drove straight through the Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and finally back home to Kansas. Dad and Serena took turns driving the van and Krissa and I, her PT cruiser. After about midnight, each minute seemed to go by slower and  s l o w e r.  Caffeine and sugar only work for a while you know. A couple of times, I thought I was going to loose Krissa to sleep while she was driving…so I did my best a making a bunch of noise. I think it worked because we did make it home. Lady greeted us early Tuesday about 4:30 am when we drove into our driveway.

Praise the Lord that we did have a very safe trip. It didn’t even rain and we didn’t run into any storms! And back home, everything was in order. The cows were all accounted for and Lady and the cats did fine while we were away. We have much to be thankful for indeed!

Krissa has now officially graduated with honors from Bob Jones University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Print Journalism. WOW! That’s pretty amazing! I’m not sure that reality has completely sunk in for any of us. Those three long years of stressful college life have come to a close. She was pretty ecstatic at her graduation on Saturday…I don’t think anything could compare to the thrill of that moment that she walked across the stage of the grand Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium and shook the hand of Dr. Bob Jones!! We were so proud of her! =) Then the sad part came…when she had to say goodbye to all of her friends, dorm buddies, and Collegian co-staffers. It was bitter-sweet…she’s pumped to be DONE but will miss the busy fun filled college days too.

I could honestly go on and on and on about Krissa graduating and the trip and even a whole lot of little things that enhanced the trip even more…but I won’t bore you with all those little details or the many inside jokes that would be meaningless unless you know the whole story (and that might require a book or an encyclopedia!). So…I’ll simply say that we smiled a lot, laughed a whole lot more, and didn’t want the days to end. I think Dad even laughed some…and that’s quite an accomplishment! 😉 If you check out my “foto flicks” page, you can see a few of the fun moments and happy faces!


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    Congratulations to Krissa! Our daughter, Cynthia McGuire, was also there on Saturday with the Nursing Faculty. What a lovely ceremony! We love the pomp and circumstance of it all. My husband and I were marching at the Pillsbury Baptist Bible College graduation on the same day.

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    alilyamongthethorns said,

    Wow! cool!

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