Cleaning, Running, Working, and Graduating

On my to-do list for the past several months has been to clean my scrapbooking (and accumulation-of-anything-and-everything) room as well as my bedroom in the basement. My rooms had reached far beyond my breaking point of disorganization and a mighty good clean up job could no longer wait. Because I had already procrastinated far too long, I dreaded the thought of tackling such a time-consuming task. But once I began cleaning, it became rather addictive and I stayed up a few really late nights to finish the job. But it paid off well. Within a few days, my rooms were actually ‘liveable’ again. And…along the way, I found a few items that I had been missing, came across some sentimental keepsakes from the past, and was reminded of many good ol’ memories.

scary...isn\'t it?!?!

scary…isn’t it!?!?

no wonder I couldn’t find anything! 😉

got a bit distracted looking at some old photos

cleaning away!

much better…

much MUCH better!

my bedroom (the AFTER picture)

Sorry, no before pictures of my bedroom. I was too ashamed to let anyone else see it in such a sham! (blush blush)

With the weather warming up nicely, I’ve been getting back into my jogging routine. (During the winter, most of my excercising is limited to the elliptical in the basement.) But nothing compares to running down our country road in the warm sunshine and a cool breeze (or more like a gusty wind actually ;). I love getting a good work out. I love feeling free to just run. I even love getting all hot and sweaty. I love the feeling of exhaustion and drinking a gallon of water after running for an hour. I love pushing myself to reach beyond my limits. Last year, I averaged jogging 4-5 miles per day at a speed of 4-5 miles per hour. This summer, my goal is 8 miles in the hour. I’m pretty much up to 6 miles per hour already…so I have a good start! I strickly do this for my own personal challenge and fulfillment. And…Lady of course is my never failing running partner.

Work has been up and down, busy and slow. Right now, I’m on a 5-day working stretch before we leave for SC on Thursday. Today was day 3…so only 2 more days to go. WHEW! I’m going to be pretty worthless by Tuesday evening. Serena can probably attest to that. Yes, a lack of sleep will be evident once Wednesday rolls around…but I figure I can survive and catch up during the 20 hour drive to Greenville. I claim the back seat of the van!

So the countdown continues until Krissa’s gradution…less than one week away now. I think she is getting pretty ecstatic as are we also! She has several job opportunities that she’s contemplating and praying about.


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    Joy said,

    I end up looking through old photos when I go to clean up all my scrapbooking stuff too! 🙂

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