This week in review

Okay…time is really flying by and I feel that I have been neglecting my blog. ;/ The truth is that I have been just a little bit busy. But May is going to be here soon and then I will be even busier! 😉 So…let’s recap this week for a moment…


Serena and I went to a Bridal shower in Whitewater, Kansas which is near Wichita and about a 3 1/2 hour drive. My friend Mary is getting married at the end of May and I am honored to be her maid of honor. Although we took a bit of a…um…detour along the way (yea, we got off on the wrong road), had to back track some, and almost broke the speed more than once, we ended up being only 15 minutes late. OOPS! My navigation system isn’t quite as perfected as I thought…! A GPS might have been nice. But the shower was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself!


I worked all day…12 hours anyway. It wasn’t hectic nor was it slow. It was just pretty steady. All in all, it was a good day.


I actually don’t remember much of what I did Tuesday. 😉 I practiced piano for a good chunk of the morning. And since Serena left to visit a sewing friend in Colorado Springs right about noon, I fixed lunch which consisted of tacos. I do remember the horrible wind…I bet it was 50 mph most of the day with gusts greater than that! WHEW! It was awful! The wind blowing across some of the empty dry dirt fields was so bad that I couldn’t even see the road! Visibility was like 0%. I felt like I was in the dirty thirties, even though I wasn’t alive back then. I honestly can’t imagine living like that day after day! In the evening I babysat for our neighbors who have a almost 3 year old and a 3 month old. It had been quite some time since I’ve babysat for them…but the little boys and I had a great time! Although I don’t do a whole lot of babysitting anymore, I still love it and am never too busy to entertain some little kiddos!


Another trip to Wichita. This time, I went with my uncle and Grandma for a Dr. appointment. A few weeks ago, the Drs. discovered that my Grandma had a very large (almost 6 inches!) blood and fluid filled cyst on her liver. She had some pain for a few days but then the pain completely subsided. At 84 years old, my Grandma still lives at home alone and remains pretty active so we were hoping that this wouldn’t be anything major and that she would be able to retain her independence. We were a bit nervous knowing that the surgeon may want to do surgery. But the results were very encouraging. The Dr. was pretty certain that the cyst was benign and that she probably wouldn’t have any further problems from it. He didn’t think surgery was necessary since she currently felt well and was symptom free. My Grandma was relieved that further intervention wasn’t merited at this time. So…we just hope and pray that she won’t have any further problems from it.

Thursday (today):

I worked in the Pharmacy department at the hospital. It was kinda slow and not very eventful. I guess that’s actually a good thing though! It feels like winter outside…cold, windy, drizzly. With the weather we’ve been having, it will probably snow before April is over! I talked to Serena this afternoon and she is on her way home from Colorado Springs. I’m glad because Skittles, her cat, is in heat and is driving me CrAzY!! =) I’m sitting by the nice fire that dad started this afternoon…and it feels wonderful!

Friday (tomorrow):

I will be at work again for 12 hours…



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