In the fog…?

 I was driving to work early one morning last week. Thick fog hung in the air. Only in the short gaps between the foggy patches, could I see the shining moon and the twinkling star. As I crept through the haze, I began to feel a little bit claustrophobic. I couldn’t see very far in front of me and my headlights only seemed to create an annoying glare. I began to wonder if suddenly tail lights or a pair of deer eyes would pop up in front of me. I didn’t know nor could I see what was ahead of me lurking on the highway. 65 miles per hour…okay, pushing 70. Dark outside. Poor visibility. Hummm…maybe I should slow down. BUT…of all days, I’m already running a few minutes later than usual. It will be okay. There’s usually not much traffic on this road this early in the morning. I began arguing with myself. Would it be better to be a few minutes late to work…or not get there at all? Do I keep pace or slow down? Well, the decision was actually made for me as I soon came upon a slower moving truck, that was teetering between 50-55 miles per hour. Passing wasn’t going to be an option because of the fog, so I was forced to settle for being a few minutes late for work.

In those miles to work that now seemed longer than ever, I pondered how all of this related to the Christian life. Sometimes, my life gets a little (or maybe a lot) foggy with the things of this world. It is then that Jesus Christ and His Word, my Spiritual Road Map, are hidden from my view. I become lost in the temporary fun-filled activities surrounding me at every turn. As I’m cruising through life at an incredibly fast pace…working, shopping, blogging ;), playing, babysitting, internetting…life seems great to myself and to others. Then suddenly, or perhaps not so suddenly, something happens…a bad day at work, a cancelled dinner date with a friend, the loss of a pet. Whatever it is…it gets my attention. Jesus Christ desires much more than just a few fleeting moments with Him each day. He longs for much more than just my actions…He craves my time. Time spent with Him alone…talking to Him, taking a walk in the park with Him, reading His letters to me, meditating on His thoughts, hopes, and desires for my life, enjoying the beauty of His creation, singing with Him, adoring Him, following in His very steps. He wants to lift the fog and for me to trust completely in Him and enjoy the ride.


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    robinbryce340 said,

    I stumbled upon your blog and found a kindred heart. What a beautiful picture you’ve painted “In the Fog.”
    I’m developing a website and blog and would love to have you visit and comment with your insights on some of the thoughts.
    You’re invited to join us at or e-mail me at with questions.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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