Yes, I know, it’s been a little while since I have blogged. But I actually have a few drafts awaiting the final touches before I publish them. Until then though…here’s is a brief update on what I’ve been doing recently. Sunday, my dad and sister (Serena), and I made a day trip to OK to visit Dad’s family. My cousin, Mark, is being deployed to Iraq probably in August and since we hadn’t seen him in over 10 years, a reunion was long overdue. While Dad drove the nearly 4 hours one way, Serena and I were on our laptops. Technology is so GREAT! I just wish we had Internet access also along the way! 😉 I sat in the very back of the van with my feet propped up on one of the middle seats and my laptop…in my lap of course! It was quite comfy…so much in fact that on the way home, I feel asleep. =0 But during the time that I was not in that far away land, I started a couple of blogger posts that you will be seeing soon and organized my globs of pictures while listening to my iTunes music. Oh, and I also happened to take along a couple of Andy Griffith DVD’s and so I got my comic fill of Barney Fife for the day! =D

Monday I worked at the hospital and after sending over half of our patients home, we only had 4 patients at the end of the shift! YAY! I love those days when we discharge more than we admit! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening and night, I babysat a couple of girls that just live about 1 1/2 miles from us. I’m glad to get my very own bed back tonight…because sharing a bed with a little girl, 2 hyper and barking poodles, and any of the many cats that decide to cuddle with us isn’t exactly my idea of getting a good night’s rest. 😉

Today…oh yes! PRAISE THE LORD! IT RAINED…A WHOLE INCH!! We so desperately needed the moisture. Although, as I was taking Rachel (one of the girls) to school this morning and driving in the slippery muck, I don’t think I had much of an attitude of thankfulness. But now hopefully everything will change from that dull boring brown to a bright glowing green.


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