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Cleaning, Running, Working, and Graduating

On my to-do list for the past several months has been to clean my scrapbooking (and accumulation-of-anything-and-everything) room as well as my bedroom in the basement. My rooms had reached far beyond my breaking point of disorganization and a mighty good clean up job could no longer wait. Because I had already procrastinated far too long, I dreaded the thought of tackling such a time-consuming task. But once I began cleaning, it became rather addictive and I stayed up a few really late nights to finish the job. But it paid off well. Within a few days, my rooms were actually ‘liveable’ again. And…along the way, I found a few items that I had been missing, came across some sentimental keepsakes from the past, and was reminded of many good ol’ memories.

scary...isn\'t it?!?!

scary…isn’t it!?!?

no wonder I couldn’t find anything! 😉

got a bit distracted looking at some old photos

cleaning away!

much better…

much MUCH better!

my bedroom (the AFTER picture)

Sorry, no before pictures of my bedroom. I was too ashamed to let anyone else see it in such a sham! (blush blush)

With the weather warming up nicely, I’ve been getting back into my jogging routine. (During the winter, most of my excercising is limited to the elliptical in the basement.) But nothing compares to running down our country road in the warm sunshine and a cool breeze (or more like a gusty wind actually ;). I love getting a good work out. I love feeling free to just run. I even love getting all hot and sweaty. I love the feeling of exhaustion and drinking a gallon of water after running for an hour. I love pushing myself to reach beyond my limits. Last year, I averaged jogging 4-5 miles per day at a speed of 4-5 miles per hour. This summer, my goal is 8 miles in the hour. I’m pretty much up to 6 miles per hour already…so I have a good start! I strickly do this for my own personal challenge and fulfillment. And…Lady of course is my never failing running partner.

Work has been up and down, busy and slow. Right now, I’m on a 5-day working stretch before we leave for SC on Thursday. Today was day 3…so only 2 more days to go. WHEW! I’m going to be pretty worthless by Tuesday evening. Serena can probably attest to that. Yes, a lack of sleep will be evident once Wednesday rolls around…but I figure I can survive and catch up during the 20 hour drive to Greenville. I claim the back seat of the van!

So the countdown continues until Krissa’s gradution…less than one week away now. I think she is getting pretty ecstatic as are we also! She has several job opportunities that she’s contemplating and praying about.


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My little sister

In less than 13 days, my little sister, Krissa, will be walking across the graduation stage at Bob Jones University. I can’t believe it! It seems like not very long ago that we made the long road trip to Greenville, SC, the van packed to the rim, and left her behind as she ventured out into college life. But this time as we visit Greenville again, she will be returning home with us (for a while anyway)! The van will still be packed to the rim…and I fear we might have to rent a U-Haul for the journey home! 😉 As editor of the college newspaper, The Collegian, she has had a very busy senior year. But I don’t think she would have had it any other way.


For me, I’m super pumped that I will be seeing her very soon! And I’m excited that she will be coming home for a while so we can get caught up on all of our sister-to-sister talks. However, I’ve realized over the past couple of years as Krissa has been gone, that times have changed…a lot. Yes, she is still my little sister and always will be…but I must face reality that she doesn’t plan on continuing to live at home. 😦 She’ll probably be writing for some prestigeous magazine in a far away state and…well, we won’t get to see her except over Christmas. I must admit that saddens me. I am happy for her and hope that she excels in writing for a magazine and finds a job that she truly loves. But I guess I don’t want to let go of those years when we three sisters were always together. Talking together. Giggling together. Playing together. We have always had extremely close relationships. The years of her being away at college has already severed that close relationship to a minor degree. I guess time can’t be stopped. Sisters grow up. Things change. Nothing will ever be the same again.

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Coming this fall…

Hey…check this out! It sounds pretty exciting!

Pendragon - Sword of His Father


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This week in review

Okay…time is really flying by and I feel that I have been neglecting my blog. ;/ The truth is that I have been just a little bit busy. But May is going to be here soon and then I will be even busier! 😉 So…let’s recap this week for a moment…


Serena and I went to a Bridal shower in Whitewater, Kansas which is near Wichita and about a 3 1/2 hour drive. My friend Mary is getting married at the end of May and I am honored to be her maid of honor. Although we took a bit of a…um…detour along the way (yea, we got off on the wrong road), had to back track some, and almost broke the speed more than once, we ended up being only 15 minutes late. OOPS! My navigation system isn’t quite as perfected as I thought…! A GPS might have been nice. But the shower was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself!


I worked all day…12 hours anyway. It wasn’t hectic nor was it slow. It was just pretty steady. All in all, it was a good day.


I actually don’t remember much of what I did Tuesday. 😉 I practiced piano for a good chunk of the morning. And since Serena left to visit a sewing friend in Colorado Springs right about noon, I fixed lunch which consisted of tacos. I do remember the horrible wind…I bet it was 50 mph most of the day with gusts greater than that! WHEW! It was awful! The wind blowing across some of the empty dry dirt fields was so bad that I couldn’t even see the road! Visibility was like 0%. I felt like I was in the dirty thirties, even though I wasn’t alive back then. I honestly can’t imagine living like that day after day! In the evening I babysat for our neighbors who have a almost 3 year old and a 3 month old. It had been quite some time since I’ve babysat for them…but the little boys and I had a great time! Although I don’t do a whole lot of babysitting anymore, I still love it and am never too busy to entertain some little kiddos!


Another trip to Wichita. This time, I went with my uncle and Grandma for a Dr. appointment. A few weeks ago, the Drs. discovered that my Grandma had a very large (almost 6 inches!) blood and fluid filled cyst on her liver. She had some pain for a few days but then the pain completely subsided. At 84 years old, my Grandma still lives at home alone and remains pretty active so we were hoping that this wouldn’t be anything major and that she would be able to retain her independence. We were a bit nervous knowing that the surgeon may want to do surgery. But the results were very encouraging. The Dr. was pretty certain that the cyst was benign and that she probably wouldn’t have any further problems from it. He didn’t think surgery was necessary since she currently felt well and was symptom free. My Grandma was relieved that further intervention wasn’t merited at this time. So…we just hope and pray that she won’t have any further problems from it.

Thursday (today):

I worked in the Pharmacy department at the hospital. It was kinda slow and not very eventful. I guess that’s actually a good thing though! It feels like winter outside…cold, windy, drizzly. With the weather we’ve been having, it will probably snow before April is over! I talked to Serena this afternoon and she is on her way home from Colorado Springs. I’m glad because Skittles, her cat, is in heat and is driving me CrAzY!! =) I’m sitting by the nice fire that dad started this afternoon…and it feels wonderful!

Friday (tomorrow):

I will be at work again for 12 hours…


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In the fog…?

 I was driving to work early one morning last week. Thick fog hung in the air. Only in the short gaps between the foggy patches, could I see the shining moon and the twinkling star. As I crept through the haze, I began to feel a little bit claustrophobic. I couldn’t see very far in front of me and my headlights only seemed to create an annoying glare. I began to wonder if suddenly tail lights or a pair of deer eyes would pop up in front of me. I didn’t know nor could I see what was ahead of me lurking on the highway. 65 miles per hour…okay, pushing 70. Dark outside. Poor visibility. Hummm…maybe I should slow down. BUT…of all days, I’m already running a few minutes later than usual. It will be okay. There’s usually not much traffic on this road this early in the morning. I began arguing with myself. Would it be better to be a few minutes late to work…or not get there at all? Do I keep pace or slow down? Well, the decision was actually made for me as I soon came upon a slower moving truck, that was teetering between 50-55 miles per hour. Passing wasn’t going to be an option because of the fog, so I was forced to settle for being a few minutes late for work.

In those miles to work that now seemed longer than ever, I pondered how all of this related to the Christian life. Sometimes, my life gets a little (or maybe a lot) foggy with the things of this world. It is then that Jesus Christ and His Word, my Spiritual Road Map, are hidden from my view. I become lost in the temporary fun-filled activities surrounding me at every turn. As I’m cruising through life at an incredibly fast pace…working, shopping, blogging ;), playing, babysitting, internetting…life seems great to myself and to others. Then suddenly, or perhaps not so suddenly, something happens…a bad day at work, a cancelled dinner date with a friend, the loss of a pet. Whatever it is…it gets my attention. Jesus Christ desires much more than just a few fleeting moments with Him each day. He longs for much more than just my actions…He craves my time. Time spent with Him alone…talking to Him, taking a walk in the park with Him, reading His letters to me, meditating on His thoughts, hopes, and desires for my life, enjoying the beauty of His creation, singing with Him, adoring Him, following in His very steps. He wants to lift the fog and for me to trust completely in Him and enjoy the ride.

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Yes, I know, it’s been a little while since I have blogged. But I actually have a few drafts awaiting the final touches before I publish them. Until then though…here’s is a brief update on what I’ve been doing recently. Sunday, my dad and sister (Serena), and I made a day trip to OK to visit Dad’s family. My cousin, Mark, is being deployed to Iraq probably in August and since we hadn’t seen him in over 10 years, a reunion was long overdue. While Dad drove the nearly 4 hours one way, Serena and I were on our laptops. Technology is so GREAT! I just wish we had Internet access also along the way! 😉 I sat in the very back of the van with my feet propped up on one of the middle seats and my laptop…in my lap of course! It was quite comfy…so much in fact that on the way home, I feel asleep. =0 But during the time that I was not in that far away land, I started a couple of blogger posts that you will be seeing soon and organized my globs of pictures while listening to my iTunes music. Oh, and I also happened to take along a couple of Andy Griffith DVD’s and so I got my comic fill of Barney Fife for the day! =D

Monday I worked at the hospital and after sending over half of our patients home, we only had 4 patients at the end of the shift! YAY! I love those days when we discharge more than we admit! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening and night, I babysat a couple of girls that just live about 1 1/2 miles from us. I’m glad to get my very own bed back tonight…because sharing a bed with a little girl, 2 hyper and barking poodles, and any of the many cats that decide to cuddle with us isn’t exactly my idea of getting a good night’s rest. 😉

Today…oh yes! PRAISE THE LORD! IT RAINED…A WHOLE INCH!! We so desperately needed the moisture. Although, as I was taking Rachel (one of the girls) to school this morning and driving in the slippery muck, I don’t think I had much of an attitude of thankfulness. But now hopefully everything will change from that dull boring brown to a bright glowing green.

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In memory…

I have some sad news. Thursday morning when I got up to feed the cats before leaving for work, I found my cat, Rascal, dead on the porch. He likes to sleep on the picnic table all stretched out and there he was as if he were just sleeping. Even though he could be pretty ornery and was most definitely spoiled, he was fun and cute and had the prettiest big blue eyes. We often referred to him as a big ball of fur because he was just that…mostly fluff! Although my dad isn’t a huge fan of cats, Rascal even won his heart. I think it’s because Rascal wasn’t the typical loving and cuddly hold-me type of cat. He was a hunter and a warrior. He loved to eat. He didn’t like to sleep on beds, but rather in the middle of the floor, on top of my dresser or bookcase, or in a box that was obviously way too small for him. He hated closed doors and would scratch on them until they opened. He liked attention but only when it suited him. He loved to play but sometimes his playing got a bit rough. Curiosity killed the cat is often how I thought his life would end. He loved living on the farm, exploring, and taking risky adventures. We adopted him when he was just a little kitten and probably had him close to 15 years. He was like family and we will all miss him very much. Skittles will be a little lost for a while I think too.

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