An update…

Okay…I think it’s time for an update on what in the world I’ve been doing the past days. I was off from work all of last week (Spring break)…so it was a very nice break especially considering that we’ve been so busy. I did return to a lovely surprise at work yesterday…only 4 inpatients! I honestly couldn’t believe it! As for while I was off, I enjoyed just being home and getting some things done around the house, getting some extra piano practicing done, and watching some movies that have been sitting on my shelf for quite a while. ūüėČ I also completed the Creation memory verse booklet for the¬†next about¬† 6 weeks of Kid’s Club.


Thursday and Friday I ventured to Wichita and met up with one of my girlfriends who lives in Potwin. She is getting married in May…so we did¬†just a little bit of¬†wedding shopping and planning. But most of the two days, we just hung out and had fun watching movies, chatting, laughing, and playing a few practical jokes on someone else in our company (uh…hem…her fianc√©). While at Town East, we literally shopped til’ we dropped looking for shoes for me to wear as¬†the maid-of-honor in¬†her wedding. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much success…so I think I’ll hit an even bigger mall, THE INTERNET!

With the weather warming up for the most part, I’ve been enjoying getting outdoors and walking or jogging down the road with Lady. She absolutely loves to go with me! Even though it was a bit windy this afternoon, I still walked about 4 miles. Along the way, Lady found some road kill that she carried all the way back home so she could give it (a rabbit) a proper burial in our back yard, after crunching on it a while. She’s so silly…but I wouldn’t ever give her up!

Dad has been working on his new fence that he put up in the front yard of our house. I guess he’s trying to dress up the place a bit. He’s waiting on another calm day to apply another coat of paint.





Signs of Spring around our farm are definitely popping up, mostly in the form of flowers. Dad cleaned out all the dead stuff in the garden beds the other day…so the beautiful colors of spring can be seen much more clearly.





I spotted this rabbit tail in one of the flower beds…I imagine it’s from one of the many rabbits that Lady has demolished and then buried in the yard!


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