THE Good Shepherd

As I was reading in John chapter 10 this morning during my quiet time with the Lord, I began contemplating more what Jesus as the Good Shepherd means. Or perhaps I should say, what Jesus as the Good Shepherd does for His sheep. But before I expound on all that He does for us as Believers and members of His flock, we must take a peek at what we are really like. The Bible compares us to sheep…hummm. At first thought, I didn’t think that being compared to a sheep was all that bad. That is certainly better than thinking of myself as a snake preying on other living creatures, a pig wallering in a mud pit, an oversized mole rat with two front teeth that extend over my chin, or even a fish that lives in fear of being trapped by a hook. So what about sheep…well, the truth is, being compared to a sheep is indeed not really much of a compliment. But I think it describes the human race quite well in contrast to Jesus Christ Himself. Sheep are timid, fearful, stupid, and stubborn and blindly follow others astray. Sounding familiar…? Not that all of us would be considered intellectually ‘stupid’, but in light of the unlimited knowledge of Jesus Christ, then yes, every one of us is pretty much feeble-minded, myself included. Depressing as it may be, we are very much like sheep, who without a Good Shepherd would get lost at best and cease to exist at worst. But this Good Shepherd has rescued us from an aimless and endless wandering in the pasture of life.

Jesus is not just any ol’ Shepherd. The Bible describes Him as the Good Shepherd. Good as defined by means excellent, noble, righteous, dependable, sufficient, loyal…(the list could be quite lengthy). So…Jesus Christ is trustworthy always, meets our every need, never leads in the wrong direction, and never abandons His sheep.

So…what exactly does a Shepherd do? A shepherd is defined as one who watches, guards, protects, and guides sheep (according to again). One who carefully tends to and keeps the sheep.

Now combine the two: Good + Shepherd = One who cares for us immensely and loves us unconditionally, even in fulfilling our smallest everyday needs. One Who makes sure we are well-fed physically and spiritually 100% of the time. One Who protects us with His very own life and keeps us from danger and the temptations of Satan. One Who leads us to good pasture and to an abundant life. One Who never forsakes us nor leaves us to fin for ourselves, even in the worst possible circumstances. One Who carries us when we are weak and discouraged. One Who calms and comforts us in the storms and tragedies of life. One Who is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and unchanging.

WHOA! That’s a lot to comprehend. My mind is too finite to fully appreciate all that Jesus Christ is and does as my Good Shepherd. But I shudder to think of where I might be if I didn’t know the Good Shepherd.


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