When I thought…

The first official day of Spring is only 4 days away, yet today felt like the dead of winter. The sun was hiding. The clouds were abundant. The wind was blowing. It looked as though it should rain or snow…but we didn’t get even one drop or one flake. The cats hibernated in the house. Lady sat whimpering at the door or curled up in her box on the porch. Dad bundled up in his coveralls, hat, and gloves to go outside and take care of the cattle. Serena and I were in the house with house shoes and at times wrapped in a blanket. The fire in the fireplace was blazing. Dad warmed up the van before leaving for church. Just when I thought all of these signs of winter were gone for another season, they weren’t.

Friday and Saturday, I was working at the hospital. At 9:30 Friday evening when I was just leaving work after being there for 14 1/2 hours, I was exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. Everything and anything that could go wrong, did. When I thought my patients were stable, they weren’t. When I thought we wouldn’t have any more admissions, we did. When I thought I could sit down for a while to chart, I couldn’t. When I thought the Drs. were done with orders, they weren’t. When I thought a diagnostic test finally made sense, it didn’t. When I thought all of my IV medications were done, they weren’t. When I thought I was finished with discharges, I wasn’t. When I thought the Dr. would call me back, he didn’t. When I thought I knew the answer to my patient’s question, I didn’t. When I thought surely another alarm couldn’t sound, it did. When I thought I had a minute to talk to my patient, I didn’t. When I thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did. When I thought my shift had ended, it really hadn’t. So…I finally quite thinking…! 😉

After that day, I was beginning question my career choice. Becoming a painter, or a waitress, or a Wal-Mart clerk sounded a whole lot better! But Saturday brought a whole new day and a much better day at that. And…it’s amazing how even a few hours of sleep can improve my outlook. I’m still glad to be a nurse!


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  1. 1

    A hard way to learn a simple lesson:

    Don’t think.

    BTW, I liked the bug. Not that I would ride in it with you, but it made me laugh.

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