Not immune after all…

Since I had managed to escape all the illnesses that are going around at work and everywhere, I was beginning to think I was immune to it all. But then, over the weekend I finally happened to catch everything that’s been floating around at the hospital…yup, I got the cold, the cough, the aches, and the fever. Tis’ the reason I have not blogged for a few days. I believe to be on the mend now; however, I still have a lingering cough and a voice that sounds like a frog. 😉 And while I was sick in bed, my Grandma was in the hospital. She was in a car accident Saturday evening, but praise the Lord that the extent of her injuries is only a broken nose along with some swelling and bruising to her face and eyes. She was in the hospital just about a day and a half for observation and was released yesterday. She remains in good spirits and for being 84 years old, she is doing extremely well. Thank goodness that she was riding in the back seat and was wearing her seat belt. Seems like this weekend is one I could have lived without…!


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    Kaylene said,

    ah. Jena, praying for you girl. ❤

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