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Annual Health Fair

This morning, I helped once again with the annual health fair hosted by the hospital in Meade. We offer some basic lab tests, like a CBC (complete blood count), Chemistry (electrolyte levels), Cholesterol, and PSA for men at a very low cost. In addition, DEXA scans for osteoporosis screening, BIO-Zs for heart function, and breast exams were available. People also have the opportunity to get their blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen saturation, gait and balance, and height and weight checked. Usually nearly 500 people participate, although this year seemed a little bit slower for some reason. I was one of the blood drawers but I don’t think that I drew near as many people this year as last. It was still fun to see all of the people come through, especially those that I know from working at the hospital.


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When ‘Cute’ is NOT ‘Cute’

“‘Cute’ is a popular term to use when speaking of children, but also in speaking of young women (teens and twenties especially). The term, ‘cute,’ is defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary as ‘pretty or attractive, esp. in a lively, wholesome or dainty way.’ A young child is often spoken of as cute because of his or her facial features and hair. A child may also be called ‘cute’ because of the clothes worn – the ‘cute’ styling of the clothes, perhaps making the little guy look like a grown man, or the little girl like a princess.

So should you, as a teen or adult woman, really desire to look ‘cute?’ Maybe ‘pretty’ would be more suitable for those older than young children. Now consider a twenty-something young woman trying on clothes in a department store. When a store clerk, or a good friend accompanying her, tells her she looks ‘cute’ in the jeans and top, or pants suit, or dress, etc., that she is trying on…is ‘cute’ really the right term? ‘Cute’ sounds very wholesome and makes us think of the ‘cuteness’ of a small child. Do the observers mean that the young woman looks like a cute child? Not exactly.

When someone says you look ‘cute’ in something, it may be helpful to ask (yourself or them) just WHAT looks cute – what about the clothes or what part of you. If what looks ‘cute’ is a particular part of your anatomy and the way the clothes fit there, I’d venture to say that ‘cute’ is NOT the right term. It may be the more comfortable term to hear, but the more accurate descriptors might be ‘attractive,’ ‘shapely,’ and ‘sexy.’

Do you look good? Assuming they are being truthful, yes! But in what WAY do you look good and to WHOM? Often the truth is that you look ‘attractive,’ and mostly to the opposite sex. And what makes you look attractive? Often it is your shapeliness and how well and attractively it is revealed. Let’s be honest – you look sexy – inviting men to sex. Now looking sexy can be entirely appropriate when the only man looking upon you is your husband. But just where is it you were planning to wear this?

Now I suppose there are some outfits that make a grown woman look more like a pretty little girl without calling particular attention to her womanly figure – in this case maybe you do look ‘cute’ in the normal sense. I’d say this was the exception rather than the rule.

What’s wrong with looking attractive? Shouldn’t an unmarried young lady want to look attractive to young men – certainly she wouldn’t want to look unattractive! It’s all a question of attractive in what way. A shapely figure or bare skin prominently displayed is not the only thing that attracts. You may also attract by means of your face and hair, or more importantly by your ‘gentle and quiet spirit’ (1 Pet 3:4) and your ‘good works,’ while dressing modestly and discreetly (1 Tim 2:10). You can attract the right kind of young men by your smile, your eyes, the modesty and femininity of your dress, by your sweetness, kindness, good manners, humility, discretion in speech, honor shown to your parents, ect.

If you merely want to attract any warm blooded male for a sexual encounter, then revealing clothing will do the job nicely. But if you want to attract a godly young man with a purpose of marriage…other attractions than revealing clothing are more effective. Revealing clothing attracts all and with ungodly purposes in mind. The more godly young men will try to resist such attraction and look elsewhere for good wives. The ungodly will beat a path to your doorway.

Now the Bible does not say you should try to look bad. It is one thing to not flaunt your good looks. It is quite another to choose to dress and present yourself in a way that emphasizes your worst features or makes them appear much worse than they are! Sadly, some young women mindlessly follow fashion without regard for how the fashion looks on them. What may look very sexy on a young woman with the ‘right’ figure, may look very distasteful on another woman differently shaped.

Seek to APPEAR as you truly are. And seek to truly BE what you should be, to please God. Attract by what you are on the inside. Let your outside reflect your inside. If your ‘inside’ isn’t very attractive, then that is where your concerns should be focused – bringing your life more under God’s control and letting Him transform you on the inside. Allow God to transform your character, and then reflect your character in your outward appearance.

Let your manner of dress and presentation reflect godliness, modesty, virture, and purity. And of course your clothing and presentation may also reflect your personality and interests – that is more of who you really are. You may be very frilly and feminine in your clothing tastes, or perhaps you are very imaginative and creative, or more practical and focused on simple clothing that is well suited for your activities. Yet in all things, for the sake of your Christian witness, you should avoid an appearance that might seem too extreme, too showy, too sloppy, or immodest. Moderation is a good word to remember with clothing, jewelry, makeup and hairstyle.

When choosing clothing to purchase or make, or when simply choosing what to wear for the day, DO consider how you look. Be careful about assessments of ‘cute’ or even ‘good.’ Take just a moment to ask exactly WHAT looks ‘cute’ or ‘good’ and why. Don’t fool yourself! Be sure ‘cute’ or ‘good’ is really the right word. If the clothing truly looks sexually attractive, recognize and admit it for what it is. Then make a godly decision about whether it is appropriate for the person and the setting.

So beware of being told you (as a teen or grown woman) look ‘cute.’ Other women are particularly prone to use this term. It often means you are showing off your body in a way that will draw men’s thoughts to something other than ‘cuteness.'”

– David Crank from Unless the Lord…magazine

So…who are you dressing for, the Lord or young guys? If the Lord were to stand before you today at this moment, would He approve of what you are wearing?

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Daddy’s Little Princess

A couple that I work with at the hospital just experienced the joy of a new life for the second time. (She is an x-ray technician and he is our maintenance guy.) March 10th at 6:30 pm, Reese Hannah Jenkins was born weighing just 5 lbs. 13 oz. and 19 inches long. I’ve actually already gotten to hold this little bundle of sweetness when proud mommy and daddy and big brother, Trace, brought her up to the hospital for a visit over the weekend. 

It’s so convenient to have a sister who loves to sew and embroidery…so I had her make this cute little personalized hankie blankie pet.


Earlier last week just after Reese had entered the world, I was asking daddy about her name…and his reply…”princess.” So while I was browsing around at JCPenney’s the other day and I spotted this plaque, I just couldn’t pass it up. Isn’t it adorable!?!?


And of course with the cuteness and pinkness of everything else, I had to put it in a cute pink baggie!



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An update…

Okay…I think it’s time for an update on what in the world I’ve been doing the past days. I was off from work all of last week (Spring break)…so it was a very nice break especially considering that we’ve been so busy. I did return to a lovely surprise at work yesterday…only 4 inpatients! I honestly couldn’t believe it! As for while I was off, I enjoyed just being home and getting some things done around the house, getting some extra piano practicing done, and watching some movies that have been sitting on my shelf for quite a while. 😉 I also completed the Creation memory verse booklet for the next about  6 weeks of Kid’s Club.


Thursday and Friday I ventured to Wichita and met up with one of my girlfriends who lives in Potwin. She is getting married in May…so we did just a little bit of wedding shopping and planning. But most of the two days, we just hung out and had fun watching movies, chatting, laughing, and playing a few practical jokes on someone else in our company (uh…hem…her fiancé). While at Town East, we literally shopped til’ we dropped looking for shoes for me to wear as the maid-of-honor in her wedding. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much success…so I think I’ll hit an even bigger mall, THE INTERNET!

With the weather warming up for the most part, I’ve been enjoying getting outdoors and walking or jogging down the road with Lady. She absolutely loves to go with me! Even though it was a bit windy this afternoon, I still walked about 4 miles. Along the way, Lady found some road kill that she carried all the way back home so she could give it (a rabbit) a proper burial in our back yard, after crunching on it a while. She’s so silly…but I wouldn’t ever give her up!

Dad has been working on his new fence that he put up in the front yard of our house. I guess he’s trying to dress up the place a bit. He’s waiting on another calm day to apply another coat of paint.





Signs of Spring around our farm are definitely popping up, mostly in the form of flowers. Dad cleaned out all the dead stuff in the garden beds the other day…so the beautiful colors of spring can be seen much more clearly.





I spotted this rabbit tail in one of the flower beds…I imagine it’s from one of the many rabbits that Lady has demolished and then buried in the yard!

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Pounce into Spring!


Song of Solomon 2:11-12

For lo, the winter is past, 
The rain is over and gone. 
The flowers appear on the earth; 
The time of singing has come…

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THE Good Shepherd

As I was reading in John chapter 10 this morning during my quiet time with the Lord, I began contemplating more what Jesus as the Good Shepherd means. Or perhaps I should say, what Jesus as the Good Shepherd does for His sheep. But before I expound on all that He does for us as Believers and members of His flock, we must take a peek at what we are really like. The Bible compares us to sheep…hummm. At first thought, I didn’t think that being compared to a sheep was all that bad. That is certainly better than thinking of myself as a snake preying on other living creatures, a pig wallering in a mud pit, an oversized mole rat with two front teeth that extend over my chin, or even a fish that lives in fear of being trapped by a hook. So what about sheep…well, the truth is, being compared to a sheep is indeed not really much of a compliment. But I think it describes the human race quite well in contrast to Jesus Christ Himself. Sheep are timid, fearful, stupid, and stubborn and blindly follow others astray. Sounding familiar…? Not that all of us would be considered intellectually ‘stupid’, but in light of the unlimited knowledge of Jesus Christ, then yes, every one of us is pretty much feeble-minded, myself included. Depressing as it may be, we are very much like sheep, who without a Good Shepherd would get lost at best and cease to exist at worst. But this Good Shepherd has rescued us from an aimless and endless wandering in the pasture of life.

Jesus is not just any ol’ Shepherd. The Bible describes Him as the Good Shepherd. Good as defined by means excellent, noble, righteous, dependable, sufficient, loyal…(the list could be quite lengthy). So…Jesus Christ is trustworthy always, meets our every need, never leads in the wrong direction, and never abandons His sheep.

So…what exactly does a Shepherd do? A shepherd is defined as one who watches, guards, protects, and guides sheep (according to again). One who carefully tends to and keeps the sheep.

Now combine the two: Good + Shepherd = One who cares for us immensely and loves us unconditionally, even in fulfilling our smallest everyday needs. One Who makes sure we are well-fed physically and spiritually 100% of the time. One Who protects us with His very own life and keeps us from danger and the temptations of Satan. One Who leads us to good pasture and to an abundant life. One Who never forsakes us nor leaves us to fin for ourselves, even in the worst possible circumstances. One Who carries us when we are weak and discouraged. One Who calms and comforts us in the storms and tragedies of life. One Who is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and unchanging.

WHOA! That’s a lot to comprehend. My mind is too finite to fully appreciate all that Jesus Christ is and does as my Good Shepherd. But I shudder to think of where I might be if I didn’t know the Good Shepherd.

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A few of the World’s Funniest One-Liners


  1. Always go to other’s people’s funerals, or they won’t go to yours. (I admit…I had to think about this one a bit before…ah…DUH!)
  2. There are three kinds of people: those who can count and those who can’t.
  3. A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
  4. Eat right. Stay fit. Die anyway.
  5. I’ve only been wrong once, and that’s when I thought I was wrong.
  6. If you don’t like the news, go out and make some.
  7. If everything is coming your way, then you’re in the wrong lane. (one of my favorites!)
  8. Energizer bunny arrested; charged with battery.
  9. The Big Bang Theory: God spoke and BANG! it happened.
  10. Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how it remains so popular?

Just in case you needed some laughter for the day… 😉

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