Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air! Yes! The past few days have been astoundingly beautiful with temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. This afternoon I rode my bike for several miles…and it felt wonderful! I’ve been outside most of the afternoon, even while working on my computer. Who wants to be in the house when one can enjoy the warm sunshine, the birds chirping, and the faint sound of the breeze blowing through the trees…? Not I! Right now, I’m sitting in the sun on the porch with Lady sunning herself and panting (as dogs do so well!). Rascal and Mittens are also hanging out on the porch with me, rolling on the floor periodically and letting out a most annoying ‘MEOW’ every now and then as if to say “I would like some attention please!.”

Dad just came out of the house and is going outside to the shed. Oh, and there goes Lady! She doesn’t care much about me when Dad’s around. She thinks he’s a lot more fun. Checking the cows in the pickup, mending fences in the pasture (and chasing rabbits), or just playing around in the shed is her idea of a good time. Yup! She’s pretty much Dad’s blonde-haired girlfriend!

Work has perhaps slowed down a tad bit this week. That’s good! I filled in on the night shift Wednesday for another RN. Whoa….I have not worked a night shift since I’ve been on days, which has been over 2 years. I think I actually surprised myself at how awake I was most of the night. It wasn’t really very busy and so at about 2:00 am, I was beginning to feel a wave of ZZZZZZZZZZZ! I walked some laps around the hospital, for about an hour to keep myself awake. And then by about 4:00 am, a new wave of energy hit me and I felt like I could run a marathon! (Not quite…) By 5:30 am, I got the giggles which usually happens when I’m really tired! lol! I blamed all of my blonde moments on a lack of sleep! But then I had to get serious as we had an ambulance bring us a patient and before I knew it, 7:00 am was here and the next shift was arriving! YEA!!! I made it home shortly after 8:00 am and no, I didn’t fall asleep at the wheel. By 9:00 am, after being up for 24 hours, I was happily dreaming. Sleep never felt so good! =)

Welp…I had better go get some supper ready. Dad’s back in the house watching the evening news and will be expecting to eat soon!


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    I can attest to your giggling when tired. Only I’m surprised you made it to 5:30… 🙂

    Spring has come to the Ozarks as well. I must say it was gorgeous here today. Thanks for sharing the reports from Kansas. As beautiful as the Ozarks are, they can’t compare to Kansas.

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