Fun at work

Work today was busy at the hospital…as seems to be the norm for a few weeks now. The day started off on a bad note as one of our RN’s and one of our LPN’s called in sick. So…it was left up to Sandy and I to fill in the huge gaps. YIKES!! I couldn’t have choosen a better RN to work with though…we worked together great! And, believe it or not, despite the busyness…we managed to have some fun along the way! Throughout the day…we had an ongoing competition…to see who could answer the most IV ‘beeps’ the fastest. So…everytime, an IV ‘beeped’ (and trust me, that was quite frequent with a floor full of patients), Sandy and I raced down the hall to see who could find it first! I think we lost count of who actually won but we didn’t really care anyway…we were just glad to have some fun from what could have been a very stressful day for all of us. A few of the patients even found it humorous! And besides that…it was good excercise (I think I ran down the hall nearly a million times)! =)


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