10 minutes of my time

Work was more than just busy today. It was almost unbearably hectic. Several times today, I just wanted to scream or pull out my hair or burst into tears. But no matter how stressful or sad or demanding or annoying or insane the situation may be, the nurse is the one who must remain calm, make sense of the chaos, offer words of comfort, and keep smiling through it all. That is hard…real hard sometimes. Today, I admit, my patience was tried, my smile tempted to fade,  my joy faced loss, my frustration reached its peak, and my love for nursing seemed to be gone. But only for a moment…and then God, as He always faithfully does, causes something to happen or brings someone across my path that brightens up the bleak day.

And this morning that “ray of sunshine” came in an 86 year old man. As I entered this patient’s room, my task was to administer the ordered IV medication and then get on to the two million other things that I had yet to do. This gentleman politely asked me about myself since he didn’t know me and I wasn’t a “Meade girl.” In our short little chat, I discovered that I knew him in a round about sorta way but also that he was a Believer. In his very own words, “I’ve known the Lord for many years.” As I left his room 10 short but meaningful minutes later, he said “it was so nice visiting with you.” I can say likewise. A good nurse is not defined by the medication that she gives, by the heart dysrhythmias that she detects, nor by the two million other things that she may perform each day, but rather by the 10 minutes that she takes just to talk to a patient.


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  1. 1

    Serena said,

    so true, Jen! Glad your hectic day had a little encouragement to it! 🙂

  2. 2

    Kaylene said,

    Wow neat testimony! God is good. 😀 Way better than I deserve Him to be. He is so faithful to me in the “little” things of life.

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