His Lily

Hello! Although my old blog (www.authenticbeautygirl.blogspot.com) has been officially removed from internet world (accidentally and much to my disappointment), here is the new and improved ‘book’ of my life.  Same me…same life…many of the same stories, but just a different cover. The past few weeks I have spent much of my spare time checking out various blogging websites, deciding how exactly I wanted my new and improved blog to look, and developing a theme for that ‘new look.’ I believe this process has taken a great deal longer than I would have liked. Perhaps I’m not as computer savvy as I once thought…?!?! But finally my desire for something new and different has been fulfilled in this new site…for now anyway. As the pages of my book continue to unfold, there will still be changes and updates to come, even in the cover.

With the launching of my new blog, I desire you all to know the meaning behind the theme, A Lily Among the Thorns. I indeed thought a great deal about a title…one that is unique, yet full of inspiration and meaning. So…what do I mean when I refer to myself as a lily among the thorns? It is taken from a verse in the Bible, Song of Solomon 2:2 ~ “Like a lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.” Song of Solomon is the vivid portrayal of the perfect and beautiful marriage relationship between Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom, and His bride, the Church. It is a picture of what a marriage relationship between a guy and a girl should look like even today. Pure. Sacred. Eternal. Unfortunately this is a far cry from the vision of ’love’ that the world represents and pursues. Fairytale love stories and “they lived happily ever after” stories are said to be just that, a fairytale, not true, and impossible. Well…if your quest for love seeks the passing pleasures and glory of the world, then no, your dream of a fairytale love story will not come true.  But I do dream of a Cinderella love story and living happily ever after with my prince. I dream of being carried away on a white steed with my knight in shining armor.  And my dreams CAN come true! God is the author of love and romance and I believe that He can script my love story far better than even any fairytale. He alone has the pen to my life and the keys to my heart. And so…in my quest for love, which began when I was a very little girl, I seek Jesus Christ. As a lily among the thorns, I utterly desire that every paragraph, every page, and every chapter of this ’book’ be set-apart and wholly devoted to my Savior. And that is what this blog is about…my life as His Lily.

Pink Lily

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    Kaylene said,

    Aw! I love the new blog and look! I’ve missed your old one, but I’m glad you got this cute thing to take its place. Thinkin’ of you. I wish I could have been there to hear your Guatamala presentation. Blessings to you!

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